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How to calculate the cost of your Side Window Covers:

Because we have 2 types of materials, the prices will be different for each fabric. Although, the calculating method is the same.

Our Suntex 90% is currently $9.00 to $12.00 per linear foot for Side Window Covers.
Our Protex 85% is currently $9.00 per linear foot for Side Window Covers.
Twist Locks $1.40 per set
Snaps 60 cents per set

After you measure your windows and add 3" to each dimension to allow for overlap you will convert that from inches to feet and multiply by the material of choice dollar amount.

For Example: We want to use the Suntex 90% @ $12.00 per foot w/ Twist Lock fasteners.
The window measures 33" x 55" after we add the 3" for overlap the "Finished" measurement is 36" x 58"
Take the 58" and round upto the nearest foot = 5 feet and multiply by $12.00 = $60.00
Twist Locks are about $1.40 cents per set, add 5 Twist Locks and you have a total of $67.00
We will calculate the shipping charges for you. UPS shipping is usually between $15.00 - $20.00 in the lower U.S.

*It is always best call for us for exact prices. Sometimes we have unadvertised specials going and we can give you an exact cost with shipping and recommend the amount and type of fastener to use.

All prices are subject to change without notice.